Advancing through the Program

In the past, participants progressed through levels by demonstrating inner strength, character, and the life and golf skills they have learned. All participants regardless of age started at the PLAYer level. Beginning in 2022, First Tee as a whole has moved to Age-Based Curriculum. Most parents and families are already used to looking for classes based on their child’s age, so we are making it much easier to keep track of your child’s progress. Below is a breakdown of the age groups:
  • Ages 5-6 –Emphasis on First Tee 9 Core Values (First Tee Curriculum starts at age 7)
  • Ages 7-9 – First Tee Program for ages 7-9 teaches the game of golf in a fun, safe and empowering environment. At this age group, we are introducing and engaging participants with both golf and life skills. Participants will get active and play golf with their peers to help them build inner strength, self-confidence and enthusiasm for the game.
  • Ages 10-11 – First Tee Program for ages 10-11 supports the exploration of both character and golf skills in active and collaborative ways. The learning experiences in the course help to build inner strength, self-confidence and an enthusiasm for the sport, while encouraging the development of positive Game Changing behaviors.
  • Ages 12-13 – First Tee Program for ages 12-13 focuses on the development of both golf and character skills. The lessons and activities in this program empower participants to explore both golf skills and character commitments appropriate for their stage of growth and development. Coaches support the development of confidence in participants through additional opportunities for them to demonstrate mastery and growth in their skills and abilities.
  • Ages 14+Up – First Tee Program for ages 14+ places a greater emphasis on the personal development of participants. These lessons help participants elaborate on their understanding, applying what they have learned to new situations on and off the course to deepen their skills as they evaluate, reflect on, and provide evidence of their new understanding of life and golf skills. As participants learn more about who they are and what they are capable of, they have the opportunity at First Tee to begin to look towards the future and plan their own paths.
  • Ace (required minimum age 14 or entering 9th grade) – Put it all together and hone in on setting goals, career education, and giving back to the community. Must be enrolled in First Tee Age-Based learning to qualify.
In 2022, Chapters began using an enhanced and modernized curriculum across all programs, aligned to the age-based format described above. This is the culmination of a multi-year effort involving our network and industry experts from youth development and sports psychology. As youth self-identity evolves, a value system inherently develops within them so we took the opportunity to reimagine how the “nine core values” might be integrated into program content, while welcoming concepts outside of the nine values themselves. First Tee’s Commitment to Being a Game Changer and the 5 Key Commitments serve as a compass and an invitation for participants to come as they are so they can further uncover what’s inside of them, becoming the best versions of who they already are. Kids & teens will benefit from age-appropriate learning experiences, with updated content that meets the needs of today’s youth. Increased engagement and The Key Commitments will help our participants discover and uncover what is inside of them and build and strengthen those assets that enable them to grow and flourish throughout life.